Dermscan’s Study Concludes Simulated Environment Concepts’ SpaCapsule Is Effective In Cellulite-Reduction, Other Aesthetic and Medical Benefits

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Simulated Environment Concepts (Pink Sheets:SMEV), the manufacturer and developer of medical, aesthetic and wellness equipment, today announced the results of the Body Slimming Study conducted by the DERMSCAN Group. The study proved that continuous use of the SpaCapsule is effective in the reduction of cellulite and offers other aesthetic benefits.

“As previously stated, the SpaCapsule was also designed to aid in weight-loss and cellulite treatment,” stated Dr. Ella Frenkel, Chairman and CEO of Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. “However, the study has proven results beyond our expectations.”

The study, completed October 1st, 2010, is solely based on time spent in the capsule without any external considerations like diet or exercise. Focused on twenty, 30-minute sessions, the results proved significant weight loss in 87% of subjects and a noticeable decrease in circumference around the stomach and hips (the areas of study). Aesthetic benefits included improvements in skin elasticity in 80% of women with 94% of all subjects demonstrating an overall improvement in skin texture.

“These types of results with no other variables; no lotions, no diets, no exercising regiments, etc., is truly incredible,” stated Dr. Ilya Spivak, Marketing Director and Co-Inventor of the SpaCapsule. “Of course, the proper diet, exercise, and vitamin supplementation is essential for weight loss, health and daily living. However, this study supports that these same initiatives can be greatly enhanced by simply enjoying 30-minute treatments in the SpaCapsule.”

With great emphasis on weight loss, cellulite reduction and therapeutic use throughout Europe, results from this study have already increased international appeal and sales.

For more information on the slimming effects observed while using the SpaCapsule, please visit


Dermscan closely cooperates and has relations with French (AFSSAPS, DGCCRF, DGS, etc.) and international (FDA, KFA, COLIPA, etc.) regulatory bodies. Member of the European Commission, SFC, NIPHAR, COVREC, ACIDIM, UNITIS, and many others. The company is licensed by French Government to conduct studies and clinical trials. It is authorized as site for biomedical research on human subjects by the AFSSAPS (the French FDA equivalent) and the French Ministry of Health (#22016 MHC and S).


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