SE Concepts Speaks to 1st Quarterly Shareholder Perception Study

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwire – 02/22/11) – Simulated Environment Concepts (Pinksheets:SMEV – News), the manufacturer and developer of medical, aesthetic, weight loss, wellness and slimming equipment, announced today that its 1st Quarterly Shareholder Perception Study has already resulted in the company preparing to make adjustments in line with shareholder request.

“We are pleased with the shareholders participation in our First Quarterly Perception Study,” stated Dr. Frenkel, President & CEO. “I want to let those who took the time to speak to us know that their sentiments have not fallen upon deaf ears. We intend to, when and wherever possible, institute new actions and objectives to satisfy the needs of our investors.”

Although perception study’s are generally a practice of the big board companies, mostly due to the expense, the company believed it important to gauge our investor’s perceptions toward specific matters, with an intention begin addressing concerns prior to the call and thereafter. With the first SMEV Shareholder Conference Call of 2011 being hosted on March 10th, SE Concepts has found through several forums that shareholder interests range from reducing authorized shares to becoming fully reporting; all items likely to be addressed on the call. The first study however focused on why shareholders invested and what initially inspired long term holders.

After the thousands of current and prospective investors registered to receive company information were canvassed, those participating commented on financials, shareholder status and interest, current and future investment interest as well as the usefulness of the shareholder investor kit. Management indicated that two items did stand out. The first was that 85% of the participants identified themselves as long term shareholders. Second, there seemed to be an overwhelming request for financial projections to accompany investor kit information.

Dr. Frenkel continued, “Therefore, we will make preparations to include this information. Considering the tremendous and multifaceted global opportunities ahead, even on a conservative basis, our outlook is healthy and very exciting. There is no reason not to offer this prior to audit process.”

Management indicates the company intends to continue offering the perception study on a quarterly basis if and as needed, with questions broadening and reflective of the company’s then filing status, exchange, market position and growth achievement.


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