SpaCapsule’s Weight Loss — Cellulite Reduction Details Soon Released to Investors

Dermscan’s Complete Study Shared in Anticipation of Upcoming Events

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwire – 03/01/11) – Simulated Environment Concepts (Pinksheets:SMEV – News), the manufacturer and developer of medical, aesthetic, weight loss, wellness, and slimming equipment, plans to make public the 50 page Dermscan scientific research study (in its entirety) that evidences the weight loss and cellulite fighting attributes of the SpaCapsule, to further investors’ knowledge and understanding of upcoming announcements.

“The opportunities unveiling have presented much greater possibilities then we initially imagined for SpaCapsule,” stated Dr. Ilya Spivak, Marketing Director of Simulated Environment Concepts (SE Concepts) and Co-Inventor of the SpaCapsule. “The scope of our business strategy is evolving to a higher echelon of business; affording us the ability to employ a more aggressive business model. Doing so will generate substantially greater revenues that will not only be residual and accretive, but likely outpace the basic sale of units by many multiples; even if selling thousands of machines each year. By the time we’re ready to ‘up-list,’ we could very well resemble a couple of very healthy franchise enterprises such as Massage Envy.”

The Body Slimming Study conducted by the Dermscan Group was initially released by SE Concepts in a two page summary. This approach left out many details, including key data components and scientific conclusions, as well as ‘before-and-after’ images. People close to the matter indicated SE Concepts desired to keep the particulars confidential until the company felt confident that it had a well enough lead over key competitors and was able to determine how best to capitalize on the findings. In anticipation of key announcements, which may speak to where the study’s results may ultimately lead the company, management deemed it suitable for the study to be made available to all interested investors.

“Remember, within weeks of the study’s completion, purchase orders increased within the fitness arena and a glut of opportunities began presenting themselves — especially in the area of franchise — and we’re already setting our sights on a second more detailed scientific study,” continued Dr. Spivak.

“Obesity is at the forefront of many health discussions and there is an obscene amount of money spent on weight loss equipment, work out plans and fitness professional services each year. Capitalizing on the significant weight loss and cellulite reducing attributes of the SpaCapsule — medical grade equipment offering a host of physical therapies — may prove to be as easy as laying in a unit, closing your eyes and relaxing,” concluded Dr. Spivak.

Management indicated that investors can expect access to the full Dermscan study within the month.


One Response to SpaCapsule’s Weight Loss — Cellulite Reduction Details Soon Released to Investors

  1. rubo says:

    I have carefully read the dermscan study , wich is nu available on pdf ( 50 pages !).
    If you do the same ,there is only one conclusion: The SPA _CAPSULE will be a real hot item the following years.Millions of women ( and men of course) are going to use this item to lose weight, reduce cellulite …
    and this the most pleasant way… while relaxing in a high tech device…
    I’ve studied much smallcaps the past years, but this ,i think ,will be a ” bigcap” very soon !!!
    I’m a longterm investor !!!

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