Believe, and We Will Win Together

Monday’s (5/2/11) press release, “SE Concepts Makes Major Change to Compensation Model,” was accompanied by a few shareholder cheers (Yeeaahhh!).   Quite honestly… while this decision was about business, to some degree, it was personal.


Well, if you do not know this, let’s get it clear.

Simulated Environment Concepts has been in operation for a little over 10 years now.  To boot, the founders and some members of management were in this very same space a few years prior to the SpaCapsule conception.   We were not just born yesterday, and we certainly have not been dancing around the market place trying to figure out who we are, what we do or where we plan to be tomorrow.

“Yesterday” we had a concept.   Today we are a reality.   Tomorrow…. let’s just say our aspirations take us to a place where we see our products in nearly every fitness facility and physical therapy practice.  We will become the center of corporate relaxation programs… the “must have” for high-end luxury lifestyle, a primary asset in weight loss and the fight against cellulite.  We may also become the top competitor in the massage and relaxation markets; only, our brand will offer total health and wellness features as well as global consistency.   No other franchise can boast that.  Hand&Stone, Massage Heights, Zen Massage, Massage Envy, etc, etc.  Ready or not, here we come!

We know our capability.  January 2011, best January ever… that was no fluke.     Opened up new channels in Morocco… no mistake.   Secured CFO services to assist in completing our audit and managing future financial compliance… that is because we are serious about uplisting.  Not to mention we signed a new deal with…. Ooops.  Sorry, we haven’t made that announcement yet.   But we will.  😉

Bottom line, we’re no longer going to allow ourselves to be mistaken for “the other guys.”  We’ve come to understand that many company’s trading in our peer group may not care much about being exploited, but we sure do.   And what we know, is the same way there are service providers and investors who only care about the short-tem because they are so accustomed to working with company’s who are less than stellar, there are service providers and investors out there who believe in the long-term proposition.  Just take a good long look at who we are, where we come from and what we plan to do next, and one may be considered a fool to bet against us.

It would be nice if all of the public companies within our peer group forced or “encouraged” long-term positions to be taken by their service providers.  It would have made our negotiations easier.   But hey… like we said, nearly all of our providers have agreed to the modified compensation plan; signifying their belief in Simulated Environment Concepts and the SpaCapsule.  We believe this speaks volumes as to how people in the markets and around the world see our business and love our products.

Next, we will work on how we raise capital!

We cannot do it all overnight, but it’s a start, and maybe even a precedent – an example – for the entire market to follow.  Hopefully, by the time we are ready to announce the biggest news of the year, we would have possibly curbed the rate of dilution significantly, strengthened market confidence and without subjecting our shareholders to any major changes, we may then likely be on the verge of seeing the shareholder value built to a level that’s more in line with one of the most innovative health and wellness products selling in more than 10 markets across the globe.


One Response to Believe, and We Will Win Together

  1. J.Wright says:

    Got It! Good move! This is really cool. I can soooooooo see this at my gym. Maybe my house? Kids would never leave the garage again. What deal was signed?

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