A No Brainer?? You don’t Say..

Today I had to smile.  Not that we all don’t smile often here at SpaCapsule, but this evening I came across a Christopher Guerriero video.  You know.  One of these popular fitness guru types (weight loss seems to be his thing).  And what he said within the first 3 seconds of the video was music to my ears.

He “sang” a melodic harmony [as he lectured on various weight loss techniques], “…the next technique, is to get a weekly deep tissue massage.”

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Even better, he followed that statement up with, it’s “a No Brainer,” as he proceeded to describe all of the other benefits of a massage; many of which you must know by now:

  • Improved Oxidation of the blood
  • Decreasing Blood Pressure
  • Strengthening the heart
  • Eliminating cellular waste
  • Nerve point stimulation
  • Lymphatic system maintenance
  • Improved skin elasticity

Of course I’m not leaving out the fact that it feels incredibly good.   That’s an obvious.  However, much of the above are items we tend to overlook when we run down to our favorite massage franchises (Hand&Stone, Massage Heights, Zen Massage, Massage Envy, etc.).   Most folks care about relieving stress or releasing muscle tension.  The idea of total health evades most; likely because it’s not what really sells.

Weight loss sells.   Anti-cellulite sells.  Relaxation sells.  And yes… sex sells too, but this isn’t that type of massage.

While Christopher Guerriero was speaking from a place of experience and expertise, to me it felt as if the next thing he was going to do was walk over to a SpaCapsule and introduce it as:  “SpaCapsule: The Future in Total Health, Wellness and Weight Loss.”   Especially when he touched upon the fact that with a regular massage someone else is always touching you, or perhaps you don’t have the time to get to a spa, or access  to a massage therapist may be limited (likely money related).   Then what do you do?

Ahhh ha!  You jump into a SpaCapsule for total health, wellness and weight loss.

The SpaCapsule can simulate just about any massage technique.    The science behind the various massage techniques and how they are reproduced by the SpaCapsule, we’ll talk about another time.  But what I will say is this.   One of the most necessary components to an effective massage treatment of any kind is Consistency (especially a deep tissue massage which is what Christopher Guerrio references).

Consistent technique.  Consistent muscle focus.  Consistent strength.  Consistent pressure.

And if we are talking about effectuating weight loss and fighting cellulite… I mean, if we are really serious about using massage to effectuate weight loss and fight cellulite, there is no massage therapist in the world who can give you a focused and invigorating, weight crushing/cellulite busting therapy session day in… day out… for as long as you like, however you like, CONSISTENTLY every day – UNLESS that therapist is the SpaCapsule.

This is why the SpaCapsule will become the Starbucks of the massage therapy universe.


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