Good Times..

As previously stated and announced, it’s been a heck of a week for SE Concepts and the SpaCapsule!

To recap, we spent three very exciting days this week in New York City meeting with some well-heeled financial and political individuals who have indicated, so it seems, rather serious interest in our company.   The highlight… our presenting to the affluent membership of the National Eagles and Angels Association NYC chapter at a delicious luncheon in The Oak Room, of The Plaza Hotel!!  This organization, chaired by Mr. George Jarkesy of John Thomas Capital Management Group, LLC allowed SE Concepts to stand up in front of an exclusive investment crowd representing upwards of a billion dollars in investment capital.   What a feeling!

We presented alongside just two other companies.   This means that unlike with those other type of financial conventions where there are a hundred presenters and a couple of hundred more questionable investors, the NEAA kept the attention very focused and the capital interest very real.    Both of the other presenting companies operated under some aspect of healthcare industry, and in fact, we believe one of the contributing factors to our being invited by the NEAA was that they probably recognized many characteristics of the SpaCapsule as being an aesthetic medical product, which would make Simulated Environment Concepts a valid competitor within the Medical Appliance & Equipment Industry – a segment of the Healthcare Sector boasting a market cap of over $900 Billion Dollars.   Widely thought to be a “Defensive Sector” [Healthcare], we believe SE Concepts was identified as having a place within this sector, suggesting that SE Concepts and the SpaCapsule likely have long term investment viability.

The presentation went very well.  In fact, the opening video clip actually brought a room full of applause before Allen Licht, COO of SE Concepts even had a chance to speak!  There was a good flow of intelligent questions asked, all of which, from our perspective, were answered to the satisfaction of the attendees.   Following the luncheon we had some very positive conversations with many of the investment/merchant bankers and other investment groups in attendance, and then it was off to Copia NYC to attend a cocktail party co-sponsored by SE Concepts where we enjoyed delicious hor d’oeuvre and incredible soup from NYC’s own Soup Man!

The evening was great and we continued to meet, greet, mingle and talk about our favorite topic… the SpaCapsule of course!!  Throughout the evening we made several significant contacts, including a few of whom indicated a willingness to assist SE Concepts in gaining inroads to major fitness franchises across the country.

Good times indeed!!

Now, as we write this we are back in Miami continuing to build, sell and deliver the SpaCapsule to nearly 40 countries around the globe.  As a matter of fact, we recently delivered and installed SpaCapsules for the first order of our preferred vendor agreement with Elements Diet and Fitness (women’s health and fitness center franchise).  This market [Fitness Franchise] has well over 30,000 gyms and fitness centers globally and we’ve already begun to crack this open.  Sky’s the limit on this one.

Looking back at the week’s events, if we had to name the biggest takeaway it would be that the investment community is really beginning to like us.   We only say “beginning,” not because they didn’t like us before, but rather because they just didn’t know that we as a company were out there… not the BIG SMART money at least.  However, now they are beginning to learn about who we are, what we do and the incredible potential we possess for explosive growth.  They are now beginning to clearly see:

  • We are an 11 year old company
  • Generated a near $20,000,000 in revenue since inception
  • Possess global distribution agreements for approximately 900 capsules; estimated at approximately $27,000,000 of immediate possible revenue
  • Have a broad but extremely viable target markets (Health & Fitness, Medical & Healthcare, Massage Therapy, Travel & Hospitality, Corporate Centers (such as Google), Religious and Cultural, Affluent Residences)
  • Possess scientific evidence of SpaCapsule’s ability to induce significant weight loss, cellulite reduction and skin toning
  • Potential to see upward of $60,000,000 within 36 months of full investment

Investors seem to like our story, like our company and LOVE our product.  They recognize there is a significant opportunity, and it would seem that we are now officially on the Big Banking radar.

As a result, there has been strong indication that over the next few weeks, we can expect to be visited by several interested investment parties, right here in Miami Florida at our manufacturing facility.   Now this is VERY exciting.  We will have the opportunity to provide prospective investors insight into the day to day operations of the company; certainly demonstrating the strength of the SpaCapsule and the value add that SE Concepts can bring to an investment portfolio.

Stay tuned, we will provide more updates as we get them!  Also, go to to listen to a great interview with Allen Licht, COO of SE Concepts where he talks about the event and what it means to the company!


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