Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SE Concepts) is an industry leading manufacturer and developer of cutting edge medical, health and wellness equipment.

Its flagship product, SpaCapsule®, is a high pressurized dry water massage therapy system used for rehabilitation, relaxation, weight loss, cellulite management and general wellness. Using its patented dual “dry-barrier” environment, users can remain fully clothed — a matter of gender and cultural significance within the markets the SpaCapsule is offered. The product can be found in over 37 countries, offered by medical clinics, gyms and fitness centers, spas, retail locations, corporate offices, luxury hotels, and other venues. Incorporating self contained oxygen, aromatherapy and iPod compatible audio/video features, users receive an enjoyable, rehabilitating and de-stressing therapeutic experience.

The SpaCapsule has been featured on numerous Network and cable television programming including Good Morning America and The Doctors, and continues to receive global publicity.

For more information on SE Concepts, SpaCapsule®, PTjetCapsule™ and Celude Laboratories™ products you can visit the company’s product website at www.spacapsule.com, the corporate website at www.seccorporation.com, the corporate blog at http://www.spacapsule.wordpress.com, facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SpaCapsule or request more information via email at ir@spacapsule.com, or call at (888) 757-0797 or (305) 651-9200.


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  1. rubo says:

    incredible how one of the most promising companies of the next decade can have such a low stock price.
    Hope investors will wake up after the company has upgraded to the otc.. !!!

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